Silver Award in the Readers' Favorite International Book Awards for my book, 'The Intuitive Detective' ⭐

⭐Awarded BRONZE for Wellbeing Business in the 2023 Ausmumpreneur Awards⭐

⭐Finalist in 2 categories in the 2023 ALIBI Awards⭐

Hello my friend, My name is Stacey Webb and first and foremost I am an imperfectly perfect human being. I am also an Intuitive Somatic Mentor, Trauma Trained Somatic Practitioner, Warrior of Grace, Multi-Award Winning and Amazon Best-Seller Author.

I support people on their healing and awakened journey.

Through body awareness with the breath, Emotional Freedom Techniques (tapping), somatic embodiment and intuitive intelligence, I help you develop a deeper connection to your body, to reconnect with your heart, your inner child, and your intuition for personal growth and healing. My belief is that by assisting you to create safety within your nervous system, to cultivate a relationship with yourself, enables ones to build a flexible autonomous nervous system to release fear and trauma. Allowing you to step into a higher timeline and cultivate a life that is increasingly aligned and purposeful.

Growing up, I experienced some traumatic events with family deaths which led me to feel my purpose in life was to help people. I joined the Police Academy and became a police officer with a career as a Detective that went for over 17 years. I dedicated my career to creating and holding space for people who had experienced trauma whilst I investigated offences reported. 

Over the years as a police officer, I went through traumatic experiences and witnessed my colleagues and members of the public suffer from their trauma. My life felt stressed, overwhelming, and I felt emotionally burnt out. I started to lose my spark, lose my smile, and dissociated from the world by living on auto-pilot.

I desperately was wanting change but wasn't sure how. A few years ago I received some intuitive guidance that led to embark on a deeper healing journey within myself and started my spiritual awakening. This led me to studying the nervous system, trauma and different nervous system regulating tools that can assist with someone's healing journey.

My mission is to support you through your own healing and transformation. Where your nervous system feels empowered by letting go and reconnecting to the innate wisdom and intelligence of your body, to raise your vibration and reclaim your personal power.

I invite you top optimize your physical, mental, emotional and physical states of being. Through the process of releasing suppressed emotions, limiting beliefs or energy blocks. I guide you to build a flexible autonomous nervous system as you awaken and rejuvenate your infinite potential. 

Whether you would like to achieve enhance vitality or if you are motivated by personal growth, self-enquiry or healing. I see you and honor you for taking the steps to achieve greater aligned and congruency. 

If you resonate with one or more of the following:

You don't trust your own decisions

⭐You feel ashamed of your body/ relationship/ career/ personality

⭐You are consistently worried about what other people think of you

⭐You suffer from imposter syndrome

⭐You tend to end up in relationships that drain you or disrespect you

⭐You are at complete mental and/or physical burnout and you're just so tired

⭐You don't know how to set boundaries

⭐You have forgotten how to listen, trust and follow your intuition

⭐You often say yes to people, things, and situations, and regret it later

⭐You feel that everyone else is more important than you are

⭐Parts of you want different things

⭐You have fears that are holding you back from being the best version of yourself

⭐You are not achieving your goals in life

⭐You have limiting beliefs about yourself and your capabilities such as a lack of self-worth and self-love

⭐You get activated by situations, people, emotions, and/ or memories

⭐Past trauma and conditioning have a hold on you

⭐You want to move your life in a different direction

⭐You are sick of playing small and being a people pleaser

I work with people who are:


⭐Willing to learn how to be with their feelings, even if they feel scared

⭐Ready to deepen your self-awareness

⭐Ready to connect with your heart and body

Online 1:1 sessions, group sessions, membership and self-paced courses to support your healing and awakened journey

Bespoke Packages Available


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"Stacey is not only a gifted intuitive, tapping, energy, but a wonderfully compassionate person. I felt so guided and yet, she ensured I didn't bypass the responsibility I needed to take, and helped me take the steps to heal and evolve. Thank you Stacey"

- Nila

" I was lucky enough to find such a caring and talented EFT Practitioner in Stacey Webb. She helped and assisted me slowly to work through a very traumatic event in my life. The whole time I worked with Stacey I felt confident that she knew exactly what she was doing and felt very safe and cared for. I now have no anger or resentment towards this event. I would recommend anyone to Stacey to change the trauma around any event or if you just want to reduce the stress in your life. Stacey is amazing"

- Client K

"From the moment the session started I was put at ease and confident that our work would be fulfilling. Stacey had a presence, that assured me, everything was going to unfold as it should. I was dealing with a rather challenging issue and Stacey navigated it with finesse and care, enabling me to go deeper into the issue.  It was with her deft touch, that we were able to uncover a pretty deep rooted fear. With unwavering compassion and love we were able to peel back the layers that were holding me back. After the session I felt lighter and more purposeful. The relief that this fear was now acknowledged, enables me to work with it more intentionally. To allow my confidence and self-esteem to grow. Allowing me to BE more of who I want to me"

- Alison

"I loved every moment working with Stacey. Stacey is so kind, knowledgeable and understanding and really made me feel comfortable throughout our sessions. I love following Stacey's journey and amazing work. I'm so grateful I got to spend the time we did together"

- Carmel

"During my session with Stacey took me on a journey to witness my most vulnerable place: the fear of sharing myself with other people. Stacey skilfully and lovingly highlighted how I was disempowering myself, that the old protective strategies were in actual fact sabotaging my ability to connect to people. After my session I began to take steps to hold compassion for myself. I feel empowered to share myself more and more knowing that I am enough. My self-esteem has and continues to grow exponentially"

- Eva

Stacey's services have won the following

Acknowledgement of Country

As I explore the divine lands of Colomatta and its surroundings, I feel its expansive nature. In those moments and in every moment in between I acknowledge the Dharug and Gundungurra people of the Ngurra Nation as the infinite custodians of this place. I acknowledge your custodial care has been integral to the wonderful expression of this magical place. I see that the nurturing, care and healing you provide to this land flows back to the people through the elements of this place. I stand and witness the deep and sacred spiritual connection you have to all those elements of this Country. I pay deep respects to the Elders with much gratitude for the powerful way they lead the community. I am committed to being an ally to the Aboriginal community and supporting Aboriginal-led movements toward an equitable society

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