Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Intuitive Somatic Mentor and Coach?

An Intuitive Somatic Mentor and Coach supports you to develop a deeper connection to your body, to reconnect with your heart, your inner child, and your intuition for personal growth and healing.

I believe that the body is an essential aspect of human experience and that by paying attention to our physical sensations, emotions, and intuition, we can access a wealth of information and insight that can help us navigate our lives with greater ease and authenticity.

Through various somatic practices, I support you in releasing tension and trauma stored in the body, improve your emotional regulation, and develop a greater sense of self-awareness and self-compassion. By cultivating this mind-body connection, individuals can make empowered choices, live more fulfilling lives, and experience a greater sense of well-being.

My sessions support to your nervous system before the release trauma, stored emotions, energy blocks and limiting beliefs that may be creating limitations in one's life. I gave myself the title of an Intuitive Somatic Mentor as I include an intuitive blend of multiple modalities I have been certified and qualified in to support your nervous system and trauma healing journey. These modalities being a Somatic Practitioner, Breathwork Practitioner, Emotional Freedom Techniques Practitioner, and an Intuitive Intelligence Trainer as well as having a Bachelors in Metaphysical Science, 3 policing degrees, and Mental Health First Aid trained.

I want to start on my healing journey but I am unsure where to start. What do you recommend?

Everyone's healing journey is different. If you are wanting to start your healing journey, the important thing is feeling comfortable and safe with me. This is why I offer a FREE 20 minute Discovery Call where you can chat to me and see if the alchemy between us is what you are looking for on your healing journey. And of course, you can always try a single 1:1 session to experience what a session is like with me before committing to any packages and/or personalized packages.

Do I have to say my trauma in these sessions?

No. When we experience subconscious fear and trauma, it is energy that is stuck within our body and has not been fully discharged. My work is working with your nervous system. To support you in creating safety within your nervous system so when we work with your fear and trauma, we are working with your subconscious beliefs (fear of failure, fear of abandonment etc) and trauma responses (fight/flight/freeze/fawn) and how that feels within your body. This can happen without you having to state the story attached to the trauma if you do not want to discuss it.  

Some people however, do wish to say their story and if that does occur in our session, you will be witnessed, heard, energetically held with love and non-judgement.

Can I work with you and receive support with a counsellor, psychologist etc?

Yes of course! You include whoever you want in your support network to assist in your healing journey. 

Where do your sessions take place?

Almost all the work that I do is online (with exception to some in person circles, workshops, speaker events and retreats). The reason for this is that the mind is powerfully anchored to safety when we can work together with you in a familiar environment. This makes our work together easier and more effective. 

What does 'member platform' mean?

When you choose to become a client of mine in a 1:1 setting. You will have private access to your own member platform. Here any resources, home-play or anything else that was beneficial to your session are placed here. This enables you to look back at any time to read, reflect and continue to integrate the release of our work together. This is truly a great support for your healing journey that you can keep looking back on. This member platform allows the ability for you to communicate with me as well.

If you choose to purchase a course or membership, you will have access to the course/membership along with others who have also purchased the same course/membership. 

I purchased a course/ masterclass/ membership, how do I get access to it on the member portal?

If you purchased any free offer, course, and/ or membership from me, you will have instant access. Upon purchase please screenshot your sign in and password information. You must be signed in so ensure you are signed in (located at the top right hand corner) and click on the two horizontal lines next to your profile at the top right hand corner, a menu page will come up from the left hand side of the screen, scroll down the menu to select 'My Products' and everything you have purchased from me will be available there.

Within 24-48 hours you will also receive an email from me (make sure you check your SPAM folder) where your sign in and password details will also be contained. Any problems, please contact me at

Do you do payment plans?

Yes. I understand that everyone has different requirements and financial situations. I offer a tier pricing on my offers (with exception to 1:1 sessions). You can view what tier pricing is here. I also offer flexible payment support to ensure that you can get the support and guidance you want and need when you want and need it. If you are looking for payment plans please email me at

Do you run in person events?

Yes. I do facilitate in person workshops, speak at events and circles. If you would like me to facilitate a workshop, speak at an event and/or circle please email me at Prices do vary.

Do you wholesale your books?

Yes, If you are a business interested in stocking my books please reach out to me on

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