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Connection Membership

Enjoy unlimited access to Nervous System Healing Circles, Witness Circles, bonus content, the Connection Community, and more.

This is a sacred space for you to come back to yourself, to rediscover and cultivate safety within, and lay your burdens down so you can clearly see the path ahead.

Discover somatic embodiment and intuitive intelligence practices that will serve your healing journey to wholeness and well-being. 

You are worthy!

The membership is designed to meet you where you're at. Whether you are new to healing, or years within your journey, This place is for you. 

What is the Connection - Nervous System Healing Circle?

The nervous system plays a role in regulating the body's response to stress, inflammation, and pain, which are all important factors in the healing process. Therefore, maintaining the health of the nervous system is crucial for overall physical and mental well-being and for a successful healing process.

Each month we come together for a 1-hour group session of nervous system healing with CONNECTION using an intuitive blend of EFT Tapping, Breathwork and Somatic Embodiment to support and guide your nervous system to feel safer and connected within.

We meet on zoom for our CONNECTION Circles on the 3rd Sunday of every month, from 8-9pm (Sydney time).

Each month you will walk away knowing your nervous system has been nourished and supported. Allowing you to become more aware of your body and its communication with you. A remembering of yourself! Connection to yourself!

What exactly happens in CONNECTION - Nervous System Healing Circle?

CONNECTION is all about connecting to your nervous system through self-regulation and co-regulation tools. Each session will be different as the session is led by my intuition. During any of the CONNECTION classes may involve

  • EFT Tapping
  • Breathwork
  • Intuitive Movement
  • Journaling
  • Heart Coherence
  • Embodiment
  • Somatic work

For the majority of the session you will be on mute. There will be invitations throughout the circle where people can share how they feel within their body by either turning on their microphone and/ or placing their comments in the chat. Please know you only share on what you feel is comfortable to share. Please know if you do not wish to share that it is completely ok.

Why a group session?

Think of these sessions as more of a maintenance session on your nervous system. Taking care of our nervous system should be a priority for our health. Similar, to how people exercise and eat nutritious food for their health. If you are wanting a more in-depth session regarding trauma or fear that you believe is playing the lead role in your life than please feel free to book in a 1:1 Release Mentoring Session.

What should I bring to the group session?

Wear comfortable clothes, bring some water/ cup of tea or other liquid, pen, and paper. Throughout the session you are following the cues of your body. Allow space for you to sit, lie down or stand.

Do I need experience?

There is no experience necessary for Connection. Regardless if you are new to, or regularly connect to your body, this group session is for everyone. Just come with an open mind. 

Can I bring my children?

This session is a time for you to focus on you. But please know if you have children around while you are attending the CONNECTION session that it is completely ok. We are parents and while I know we often would love to do these things child free, sometimes if we wait for that moment, it may not happen. We can choose to do the things for us and have our children around witnessing us taking care of us. We invite your children to join us. Self-regulating and Co-regulating together.

What if I can't attend live?

Please know it is ok if you cannot make it live. The session will be recorded, and the recording will be provided to all those who registered and can be accessed through my client portal.

When attending live, do I have to have my camera on?

No. The invitation is always for you to feel comfortable and that can be done in whatever way feels comfortable for you. That includes turning on and off your camera whenever you desire.

Do I need to share or talk?

No. The invitation is always for you to feel comfortable and that can be done in whatever way feels comfortable for you. Here in CONNECTION, we are about connection to our body and attuning to our hearts intelligence to release stuck energy within you. Energy which may have you stuck in a flight/ fight/ freeze or fawn response. As such, in CONNECTION when we share, we share on how our body is feeling using our co-regulating and self-regulating tools, and not so much the reasons that brought your body to that state.

What is a member portal?

A member portal is where you receive exclusive access to the CONNECTION circles. It contains the replays, any music played during the session, journal prompts, resources and more that relate to the CONNECTION membership. You will receive an email from me on how to access your member portal through my website at

What are the benefits of signing up for the membership?

Each month you will walk away knowing your nervous system has been witnessed, nourished, and supported using an endless toolbox of resources and practices, to lay the foundation of a somatic lifestyle that creates space for flexibility, fluidity, and growth. 

By joining the membership, you get access to the Connection Membership Portal and everything in it whilst you are a current member. This includes:

  • Replays of all the Connection Circles
  • A place within the member portal where you can comment and communicate with other Connection members
  • You will be invited to the Connection Membership Facebook Group for additional connection should you wish

BONUSES within the Connection Membership are:

  • Monthly Witness Circles
  • Access to Embodied Love (5 days of self-love to your nervous system) worth $66AUD
  • Weekly journal prompts
  • Additional resources

** Please note this is available to members only. If you choose to cancel your membership, your access to the above is removed. 

What is a Witness Circle

Each month we come together for a 1-hour group to share and be witnessed with fierce love. There are no questions, no advice or insight, and no processing. You can share your wins, you can vent, you can ponder life's biggest questions our loud or simply say nothing. You do not need to share a story to be witnessed. No matter what, you are witnessed with fierce love. 

We meet on zoom for our WITNESS Circles on the 1st Thursday of every month, from 8-9pm (Sydney time).

WITNESS Circles are not recorded however, there will be a recorded moment (only Stacey Webb is seen on the replay) to allow a collective witness for any Connection Member watching on the replay to occur. 

Can I stop my membership?

Yes. You can stop your membership at any time. Please email me at to inform me in writing you wish to stop your membership with 2 weeks notice where your payments will stop. You can always join in on the membership again in the future.

NOTE: No refunds are made on subscriptions and they are not transferrable to anyone else. Please see my Terms and Conditions.

17 Modules

Embodied Love

5 days of bringing forth self love to our nervous system

Conversation with yourself (Believing in yourself) 7 day Embodiment Devotion

Modules for this product 17
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