My 1:1 Conscious Connected Breathwork Journeys are an experiential journey.

Conscious Connected Breathwork (aka Rebirthing Breathwork) is an embodied practice where we breathe through energy with air where we work towards dissolving obstacles on a cellular level as we release both emotional and physical patterns with conscious, connected breathing. Each session brings a profound relaxation &/or release of stress and tension that has been accumulating in your nervous system.  

If you resonate with one or more of the following:

You don't trust your own decisions

⭐You feel ashamed of your body/ relationship/ career/ personality

⭐You are consistently worried about what other people think of you

⭐You suffer from imposter syndrome

⭐You tend to end up in relationships that drain you or disrespect you

⭐You are at complete mental and/or physical burnout and you're just so tired

⭐You don't know how to set boundaries

⭐You have forgotten how to listen, trust and follow your intuition

⭐You often say yes to people, things, and situations, and regret it later

⭐You feel that everyone else is more important than you are

⭐Parts of you want different things

⭐You have fears that are holding you back from being the best version of yourself

⭐You are not achieving your goals in life

⭐You have limiting beliefs about yourself and your capabilities such as a lack of self-worth and self-love

⭐You get activated by situations, people, emotions, and/ or memories

⭐Past trauma and conditioning have a hold on you

⭐You want to move your life in a different direction

⭐You are sick of playing small and being a people pleaser

I work with people who are:


⭐Willing to learn how to be with their feelings, even if they feel scared

⭐Ready to deepen your self-awareness

⭐Ready to connect with your heart and body

⭐To overcome addiction or other self-destructive behaviours

⭐Recognize they have choices, and find the courage to create positive change in their life

⭐Overcome fear and anxiety

⭐Be kinder and more compassionate to themselves and others

⭐Release stuck energy from past painful experiences and trauma

⭐Gain new insight and awareness about their life experiences and relationships

⭐Learn to create healthy boundaries and improve relationships

⭐Reconnect with and learn more about themselves

⭐Find more joy and passion for life

⭐And so much more

Why use a Journey Package?

You may use a Journey Package to work on something specific. Usually something that is a deep fear, trauma, limiting belief, phobia, and/or unhealthy habit/pattern. Packages usually will have sessions placed a 1-2 weeks apart to allow integration between each sessions.

Payment plans are available. 

In your 6-week journey you will receive:

3 x 75 Minute Conscious Connected Breathwork Sessions with Stacey Webb

The 3 sessions will be made 1-2 weeks apart

The 3 sessions are to be used within 6 weeks of purchase

Your 6 week journey will also include you having access to your own client portal

Cost is $360.

Weekly payment plan is available. 

If you purchase on payment plan - please liaise with Stacey on to book in your first session

In your 3 month journey you will receive:

6 x 75 Conscious Connected Sessions with Stacey Webb

The 6 sessions will be made 1-2 weeks apart

The 6 sessions are to be used within 3 months of purchase

1 x 60 minute Tapping (EFT), Intuitive Somatic Mentoring, or Intuitive Movement session of your choosing

This 60 min session can be made anytime throughout the 3 months journey

Your 3 month journey will also include you having access to your own client portal

Cost is $792.

Monthly and weekly payment plans are available. 

If you purchase on payment plan - please liaise with Stacey on to book in your first session

In your 6 month journey you will receive:

12 x 75 Minute Conscious Connected Breathwork Sessions with Stacey Webb

The 12 sessions will be made 1-2 weeks apart

The 12 sessions are to be used within 6 months of purchase

3 x 60 minute Tapping (EFT), Intuitive Somatic Mentoring, or Intuitive Movement session of your choosing

This 3 sessions can be made anytime throughout the 6 month journey

The Winter Solstice celebrates the longest hours of darkness and the rebirth of the Sun and is believed to hold powerful energy for regeneration, renewal and self-reflection. It is an invitation to take a moment out of our normal lives to be still and attune to our higher selves.

Together in a group setting on zoom, you will be guided into the practices of somatic embodiment, meditation, conscious connected breathwork and journaling to expand your consciousness. 

During our circle you will be lying down for the breathwork component. Please allow space for your device so I can see you lying down horizontally (at least from the torso up) to allow me to see your chest and head for your breathing. You can lie on the ground, mat, couch, bed, whatever is comfortable for you. You can have a small pillow for your head and please bring along a blanket.


I am committed to offering my group circles that are of the highest quality, affordable and accessible while striving to keep equity and mutual exchange at the soul of how I serve.  I recognize that we live in systems of inequity and I strive to find ways of finding balance within this. We feel that the deepest engagement and greatest benefit comes when there is a meaningful mutual exchange. For these reasons, I offer tiered pricing. There is an invitation to reflect on your access to resources and privilege, the value of this work, what you can genuinely afford, and what you might pay for comparable training programs. By committing to what is truly within your means you make it possible for others to show up within theirs and we are all grateful for this.

Find out more about tiered pricing. 

TIER 1 - $30 AUD

TIER 2 - $25  AUD

TIER 3 - $20 AUD

"Stacey is not only a gifted intuitive, tapping, energy, but a wonderfully compassionate person. I felt so guided and yet, she ensured I didn't bypass the responsibility I needed to take, and helped me take the steps to heal and evolve. Thank you Stacey"

- Nila

" I was lucky enough to find such a caring and talented EFT Practitioner in Stacey Webb. She helped and assisted me slowly to work through a very traumatic event in my life. The whole time I worked with Stacey I felt confident that she knew exactly what she was doing and felt very safe and cared for. I now have no anger or resentment towards this event. I would recommend anyone to Stacey to change the trauma around any event or if you just want to reduce the stress in your life. Stacey is amazing"

- Client K

"From the moment the session started I was put at ease and confident that our work would be fulfilling. Stacey had a presence, that assured me, everything was going to unfold as it should. I was dealing with a rather challenging issue and Stacey navigated it with finesse and care, enabling me to go deeper into the issue.  It was with her deft touch, that we were able to uncover a pretty deep rooted fear. With unwavering compassion and love we were able to peel back the layers that were holding me back. After the session I felt lighter and more purposeful. The relief that this fear was now acknowledged, enables me to work with it more intentionally. To allow my confidence and self-esteem to grow. Allowing me to BE more of who I want to me"

- Alison

"I loved every moment working with Stacey. Stacey is so kind, knowledgeable and understanding and really made me feel comfortable throughout our sessions. I love following Stacey's journey and amazing work. I'm so grateful I got to spend the time we did together"

- Carmel

"During my session with Stacey took me on a journey to witness my most vulnerable place: the fear of sharing myself with other people. Stacey skilfully and lovingly highlighted how I was disempowering myself, that the old protective strategies were in actual fact sabotaging my ability to connect to people. After my session I began to take steps to hold compassion for myself. I feel empowered to share myself more and more knowing that I am enough. My self-esteem has and continues to grow exponentially"

- Eva

"Thank you so so much Stacey!! I am really experiencing some great results with your body based, trauma informed practice! I highly recommend anyone wanting to move long-held trauma out of their body to have a chat with you!! Thanks again!!"

- Client D

If there are no times available for you, please contact me to see if any other times become available.

Still not sure if this is right for you?

Schedule a free 20 minute Discovery Call with me and to see if there if there is alchemy between us.

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