6 month Journey Breathwork

In your 6 month journey you will receive:

  • 12 x 75 Minute Conscious Connected Breathwork Sessions with Stacey Webb
  • The 12 sessions will be made 1-2 weeks apart
  • The 12 sessions are to be used within 6 months of purchase
  • 3 x 60 minute Tapping (EFT), Intuitive Somatic, Intuitive Movement session of your choosing
  • This 3 sessions can be made anytime throughout the 6 month journey
  • Your 6 month journey will also include you having access to your own client portal

Why use a 6 month journey?

You may use a 6 month journey to work on something specific and deep. Usually something that is a deep fear, trauma, limiting belief, phobia, and/or unhealthy habit/pattern. By having the 12 sessions placed a 1-2 weeks apart allows support and guidance as you integrate between each sessions.

My 1:1 Conscious Connected Breathwork Journeys are an experiential journey.

Conscious Connected Breathwork (aka Rebirthing Breathwork) is an embodied practice where we breathe through energy with air where we work towards dissolving obstacles on a cellular level as we release both emotional and physical patterns with conscious, connected breathing. Each session brings a profound relaxation &/or release of stress and tension that has been accumulating in your nervous system.  

A Conscious Connected Breathwork Session is for you when:

  • Parts of you want different things
  • You have fears that are holding you back from being the best version of yourself
  • You aren't achieving your goals in life
  • You have limiting beliefs about you or your capabilities such such as lack of self-worth and self-love
  • You get activated by situations, people, emotions and/ or memories
  • Past trauma and conditioning have a hold on you
  • You want to move your life in a different direction
  • You are sick of playing small and being a people pleaser

What is the cost of the 6 month Journey?

The energy exchange is $1499 AUD

To book your session:

To book your session, click on the Book your session now link which will take you to my Acuity Scheduling where you can select your first session with me as well as finalize payment. 

If there are no times available for you, please contact me to see if any other times become available.

Still not sure if this is right for you?

Schedule a free 20 minute Discovery Call with me and to see if there if there is alchemy between us.

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